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About IllustroTech

IllustroTech helps executives take on business challenges with a technology component.  We do this by quickly assessing the challenges, triangulating key hypotheses, driving to facts and articulating a clear business strategy that is aligned with options to implement agreed solutions.

If you are an executive challenged with getting expected results from IT or a senior technologist whose team is constantly buried under tickets and projects, drill into this section to read more about how our proven solutions can reduce stress, increase predictability and attain desired results.

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IllustroTech has a demonstrated track record in partnering with the C-Suite in a wide range of strategic arenas, including IT assessment, IT Governance, digital strategy, new product development,  systems integration and migration and the deployment of the human resources required to support them all.

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Technological risks impact your bottom line.  With cybersecurity risks increasing, a breach in security today is likely to result in expensive and ongoing problems for the organization. Whether it is data integrity, corporate governance, policy, insurance or simply having the right controls in place, cybersecurity is now a C-suite responsibility.

Cybersecurity is also not exclusively an IT problem.  Information technologists have so many projects and problems on their plates that the organization’s security can become an afterthought. With cybersecurity, human resource challenges range from hiring the right people in a small candidate pool to costly remediation teams after discovering problems. The solution for many is to have a dedicated C-level executive for security. Yet not all organizations can afford or even need the constant presence of a CISO or CRO.

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Executive Search

Executive Search

Experts Placing Experts!™  IllustroTech performs retained executive search for CISO/CTO/CIO, Senior P&L stakeholder (General Manager/Executive Director), Product Marketing (VP, SVP, EVP) and Business Development (VP, SVP, EVP).
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