360 IT Assessment


IllustroTech's engagements regularly begin with an assessment of some aspect of the business that is not as transparent as executive management would desire.  Often, that is a service within the enterprise such as IT.

Discovery Interviews

Our primary tool to implement the assessment is the one-on-one interview.  Because IT is in service to the business, a significant portion of the interviews are with key stakeholders - executives, heads of various departments, etc.   With that, we create an outside-looking in view of IT and establish a baseline of the organization's view of the strategic and tactical desires from IT.

We then deep dive with the IT team to capture the current state of digital resources and assess the core competencies, capabilities and existing capacity according to their level of maturity: from rudimentary to highly optimized.  Our time-tested, multidisciplinary outline guides the interviews on topics including:

Human resources

  • Assess existing organizational frameworks for managing digital resources, including product development, technology management, and related marketing and sales and business development
  • Talent assessment of current staff
  • Identify core competencies

Technology-related resources

  • Assess technology platforms
  • Assess content architecture
  • Identify and assess software tool sets employed
  • Identify and assess third-party service providers
  • Identify risks and differed maintenance issues


  • Map current high-level processes related to
    • Digital product development
    • Direct marketing and advertising sales
    • Web production and development
    • Content management
    • Knowledge management

Intellectual property

  • Identify IP and ownership rights related to digital initiatives: product development, direct marketing and advertising sales
    • Software code
    • Content
    • Processes
  • Identify and assess core knowledge assets

Gap Analysis

IllustroTech analyzes the current state and future state information found in the discovery process to illuminate gaps between the business's strategic goals and mission critical objectives and IT's readiness to deliver on those initiatives.  The analysis includes:

  • Evaluation of core competencies
  • Identification of missing or deficient skill sets
  • Gaps in technology architectures related to digital product development, content management, direct marketing and advertising sales.
  • Organizational impediments to efficient and effective realization of business objectives
    • Process redundancy or inefficiency
    • The relationship of IT to the business/brands
    • Inability to leverage knowledge, best practices, resources
    • Ambiguity in accountability
    • Metrics for evaluating achievement
  • Evaluation of risk
    • Security
    • IP
    • Revenue generation

Recommendations and Documentation

For each in-scope item:  talent, processes, hardware/software, and knowledge and learning in the desired future state, IllustroTech will provide recommendations on:

  • Scenarios for the optimal organization of human and technical resources within the organization's culture pinned to strategy and business objectives.
    • Role of IT in support of brand strategies
    • Role of centralization of key resources/centers of excellence, if any
    • Organizing to support experimentation and innovation as desired
  • The role of finance in supporting all of the above
    • Opportunities to maximize current investment in all resources related to digital product initiatives: development, direct marketing and sales
    • Opportunities for investment in new resources that may yield a maximum return on investment
  • Opportunities for organizational development
  • Opportunities to apply and leverage industry standards and best practices

IllustroTech will provide either or both of a detailed recommendation presentation deck suitable for executive consumption and decision making and/or a full report document including summaries and quotes from the interviews.


With the detailed, management-by-fact knowledge in hand and scenarios to illustrate prospective paths forward, either the organization or the organization in concert with IllustroTech can illuminate and document an achievable plan to transition from the current state to the desired future state.

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