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IllustroTech helps executives take on business challenges with a technology component.  We do this by quickly assessing the challenges, triangulating key hypotheses, driving to facts and articulating a clear business strategy that is aligned with options to implement agreed solutions.

If you are an executive challenged with getting expected results from IT or a senior technologist whose team is constantly buried under tickets and projects, drill into this section to read more about how our proven solutions can reduce stress, increase predictability and attain desired results.

Technology is a significant investment for every company, and it is critical that it be done right.  The costs of delayed system use, manual workarounds, technology cul-de-sacs and replatforming are all high - both for financial and human resource time. Ensuring IT resources are properly aligned with business objectives is the paramount executive task for technology.


IllustroTech Drives Business Aligned Technology Solutions

IllustroTech specializes in assisting executives in companies for whom technology is in service to the business.  We ensure optimum application of technology to achieve business objectives.  Our IT executive experts in the CTO, CIO, CISO disciplines enter at any stage as consultants, interim senior technologist or fractional senior technologist to coach, guide and drive solutions that minimize investment at risk.

IllustroTech's Mission:

  • Provide expert consulting, interim and fractional technology resources to executives supporting their decision making.
  • Support the senior technologist to increase success through alignment with business strategy and coaching.
  • Enable any client, regardless of size, to experience best of breed CTO/CIO/CISO quality in decision making, governance, project implementation and results at a fraction of the cost of a full time resource.
IllustroTech for Operational and Financial Executives

IllustroTech for Operational and Financial Executives

Technology and information are pervasive in business today.  Executive roles in the past that could observe or ignore technology are far fewer than those who are impacted by successful systems definition, deployment and management.  If the latter scenario matches your role, and the degree of comfort and transparency you have does not match your needs, IllustroTech can help....
IllustroTech for Technology Executives

IllustroTech for Technology Executives

As the senior technologist in the organization, the business executives look to you for clarity and advice on how best to advance the business using technology. Further, they rely on your team's ability to execute projects and maintain existing systems.  The challenge is there are never enough resources to complete everything the "business" demands. Being resource constrained -...

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“The 360° IT Assessment really illuminated where we needed to take that department and the senior technologist’s role. It was key in our successful CTO hire.”

- Howard Halligan, COO, Reader's Digest Brands

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

- Albert Einstein, smarty-pants physicist

“We engaged IllustroTech's leadership in 6 projects that spanned more than 2 years – each was a success.”

- Howard Halligan, COO, Reader's Digest Brands

"Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing."

- Warren E. Buffett, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

"IllustroTech's executive technology acumen is closely followed by their financial skill. I rarely see that combination and the results are impressive."

- Howard Halligan, COO, Reader's Digest Brands