Donor & Donation Management Systems


Donor management is a very special CRM system.  It can encompass everything from online donations, to personal contact, events and volunteering.  IllustroTech possess the deep technical and business knowledge to understand and clearly articulate the attributes that make a CRM a Donor CRM.

At IllustroTech, we go beyond the basics of development/donation management, which include:

  • Online and offline as well as currency and in-kind giving in all of its flavors:
    • Individual
    • "Major" individual
    • Sustainer
    • Crowdfunding
    • Peer-2-Peer
    • Team-Peer-2-Peer
    • Corporate
    • Foundation (Family, Institutional, Corporate, etc)
  • 360° View of the Donor
    • Household
    • Affiliations (Employer, Board Member, etc)
    • Campaign inclusion
    • Communication
  • Volunteer Management
  • Event management

We've deep dove into the the nuance of giving, where marketing and ultra-efficient campaigns meet finance and regulation.  We're experts on the capture, storage and reporting of such complexities as:

  • Soft and Hard Credit
    • Households
    • Organizational Structures
  • Fund Classification
    • Permanently Restricted
    • Temporarily Restricted
    • Unrestricted
  •  Designation
    • As a direction to Restriction classification, and
    • Limitations on same to enable acceptable ROI for tracking
  • Attribution
    • In Memory of...
    • In Honor of...
  • Caging - to extract digitally actionable data from physical donations (submission coupons, checks, and associated materials)
  • Donation Processing:  The workflow to:
    • Associate on- and off-line donations to a specific campaign
    • Designate as appropriate
    • Restrict as appropriate
    • Deliver attribution as appropriate
    • Apply soft credit as appropriate
    • etc.
  • Compliance Processing (IRS/CRA Hard Credit Notifications)
    • Upon donation
    • End of Year for repeat donors
    • Special workflow paths for 'Major' or 'Friend of the Org' donations

IllustroTech takes all that science and makes the technology approachable and understandable so the organization's giving managers can focus on what they do best - campaigns to raise donations.

We've worked with more than a dozen Donor CRMs and are ready to guide and organization in understanding requirements, selection and deployment.

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