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Executive Search

IllustroTech performs retained executive search for CISO/CTO/CIO, Senior P&L stakeholder (General Manager/Executive Director), Product Marketing (VP, SVP, EVP) and Business Development (VP, SVP, EVP).

Active Assignments

A list of our current, active retained search assignements

Executive Search Expertise and Method

Unlike most retained executive search firms, IllustroTech's recruiting team have actually performed the functions for which we recruit.  That brings an unequaled level of expertise both in understanding the client's specific needs for the role and ensuring prospective candidates match those requirements.

Our team has a 100% completion rate.  IllustroTech's consistency comes from a tailored search process that is efficient, comprehensive, consultative, and expertly-executed. Our recruiters work in collaborative teams on each assignment to leverage their deep networks and guide researchers in our databases to yield highly qualified candidates quickly.  Comfortable communicating with all client stakeholders from the Board and C-Suite to line level managers - working closely with the hiring manager and HR, we are able to refine search criteria and deliver candidates ensuring the market has been illuminated and the position filled.

After engagement, our method is summarized in 8 steps:

  1. Finalize and approve the position description
  2. Present initial panel of vetted, qualified candidates in SWOT analysis form including base salary and total compensation history
  3. Client lead stakeholders select top candidates from the initial group for interviews.
  4. IllustroTech facilitates the interviews while continuing to cultivate additional candidates
  5. Client interviews candidates and provides feedback to IllustroTech to facilitate refinement in candidate selection
  6. IllustroTech presents an additional panel of candidate analyses
  7. Upon identification of one or more finalists, IllustroTech executes reference checks
  8. An offer is assembled and presented to the candidate for negotiation and acceptance
  9. Steps 3 through 6 iterate until the position is filled

CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) and Associated Roles

The CISO role is responsible for the policies and procedures designed to protect an organization from external and internal threats - both physical and digital.  In addition to our extensive, internal network of CISOs and associated roles, IllustroTech has entered into an exclusive relationship with the CISO Executive Network, the largest CISO networking organization in North America to provide access a pool of pre-vetted, experienced CISO giving us the ability to rapidly fulfill this challenging role.  In addition, IllustroTech has access to the latest CISO search salary information.

CIO (Chief Information Officer) and Associated Roles

The CIO role is responsibile for the systems strategy, policies and procedures to ensure systems and data are in alignment with the organizations strategy and tactics.  IllustroTech's expertise stems from it's Consulting Practice in fractional and interim CIO as part of our consulting services.  In addition, IllustroTech has access to the latest CIO search salary information.

CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and Associated Roles

The CTO role is often analogous with the CIO role for companies for whom technology is in service to the business.  If the company's products include novel technology delivery (e.g. technology is the product), then the CTO's role is focused on ensuring the latest technology being productized from scientific research can be applied to strategic advantage.  IllustroTech has substantial expertise for CTO's in specific verticals including publishing, media (video and audio - both internet and broadcast quality), education, and finance. In addition, IllustroTech has access to the latest CTO search salary information.

Senior P&L Stakeholder (General Manager, Executive Director)

This role typically reports to a CEO or division head.  Our team has experience placing these roles from a below $10MM to approximately $500MM.

Product Marketing (EVP, SVP, VP)

IllustroTech utilizes Pragmatic Marketing certified product marketing in its own Consulting Practice.  We are practicing experts with additional expertise placing this role.  In addition, IllustroTech has access to the latest Product Marketing search salary information.

Business Development (EVP, SVP, VP)

The Founder of IllustroTech has built a career on business development expertise and coaches all levels to increased efficiency and effectiveness on this important skill.  We are practicing experts with additional expertise placing this role.

Additional Executive Search Roles

Through our association with Bert Davis Executive Search and their parent Howard Sloan Search, IllustroTech is able to extend a single source executive search solution for all technical, legal, marketing, sales, editorial, and finance positions.

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