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Technology and information are pervasive in business today.  Executive roles in the past that could observe or ignore technology are far fewer than those who are impacted by successful systems definition, deployment and management.  If the latter scenario matches your role, and the degree of comfort and transparency you have does not match your needs, IllustroTech can help.


IT Executive Right™

As an executive, you are smart and accomplished in your discipline.  At IllustroTech we believe every Executive, regardless of education or experience, has the right to clearly understand how technology helps and impacts your business.  Understanding does not mean knowing how to do it, but having a trusted relationship and process with IT to know your questions are being answered clearly and transparently.

Largely, this is the core of our business - helping executives who work with systems and IT regularly, and need a higher degree of transparency in those interactions.  This is especially true for the executive who "owns" IT.  In that case, the executive has the responsibility to understand how technology helps and impacts the business.  Ultimately, it is a business strategy challenge to ensure IT is properly managed.

The good news is there are many tools to help increase transparency and illuminate challenges, and IllustroTech is expert - both from experience and continuous process improvement - in assessing the need and their proper application to each unique organization.  

Tools include:

360° IT Assessment:  Illuminates the current and desired future state for IT and its key stakeholders (internal business "customers").  Understanding any gaps here is critical to creating the go-forward plan.

Tracking and Collaboration Tools:  Ensuring Governance, the project portfolio and individual projects are properly documented and day-to-day work is tracked and readily visible drives transparency.

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IT Governance:  Process to create and maintain a culture of accountability and trust between the "Business" and IT; drives prioritization and clarity at the strategic level.


Interim, Fractional CTO/CIO/CISO and Recruitment:  If your organization suffers from a lack of leadership in the senior technologist role, IllustroTech can fill that gap immediately.  Regardless of organization size or need, we have a solution to fit the budget.

Best Practice Project Methodology:  Rock-solid process to ensure the minimum documentation and time are invested to create the highest probability of project success and ROI.  At IllustroTech our Consulting and Security divisions do the early steps of Discovery, Definition and graphic Design, while our Implementation Division does functional Design, Development, Deployment, Change Management/Training, and Maintenance support.

While every organization is unique, the principle toolset for proper IT management and transparency are clear and directly applicable to all.  With IllustroTech's decades of experience applying these principles, we can quickly and efficiently guide your organization to the degree of comfort and transparency required.

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