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As the senior technologist in the organization, the business executives look to you for clarity and advice on how best to advance the business using technology. Further, they rely on your team's ability to execute projects and maintain existing systems.  The challenge is there are never enough resources to complete everything the "business" demands.

Being resource constrained - whether internal or outsource, time or financial, key skill or desktop support - is a constant challenge for every senior technologist.  Communicating frankly - when IT is over-committed and projects or maintenance go sideways, it is the senior technologist who often goes under the bus...  That is the reality of our profession.

The team at IllustroTech has been there, and with our decades of combined experience we've identified and executed the processes needed to properly align IT with business strategy and ensure transparency in the work that is being done and that can be done.

As IT executives, being right is part of the job description.  That's straightforward (or at least manageable) for the systems integration, writing code, ensuring network support, etc.  The less black-and-white environment of changing  business demands requires new skills and tools.  Being challenged by a strong sense of doing what's right - while knowing you can't do it all  - is stressful.

If any of the following apply to you, contact us - we can help:

  • You've just earned the role or joined the company and IT is swamped and the business is upset
  • The business keeps demanding different things be done as top priority every other week
  • Keeping the lights on has become the majority of your team's activity
  • If another project delivers late, you are going under the bus...

360° IT Assessment:  Expert, dispassionate review and understanding of the current state of your team and systems is critical to delivery and future state planning.  Especially useful early in a senior technologist's tenure in the role - enables expectation setting and budgeting with business executives.


Coaching: We specialize in coaching IT senior technologists and executives - especially those who are transitioning from a senior management to an executive technology role and those new to IT Governance.  Our ICF compliant methodology leads to personalized plans that drive results.

24421193 - governance decision making good fair and consistent management of a corporate or global project consistent reliability

IT Governance:  Process that drives the business to set IT's strategic priorities to ensure what is needed most is being worked first.  The senior technology executive's primary business tool.

Tracking and Collaboration Tools:  Ensuring Governance, the project portfolio and individual projects are properly documented and day-to-day work is tracked and readily visible drives transparency to your business stakeholders.

Best Practice Project Methodology:  Rock-solid process to ensure the minimum documentation and time are invested to create the highest probability of project success and ROI.  At IllustroTech or Consulting and Security divisions do the early steps of Discovery, Definition and graphic Design, while our Implementation Division does functional Design, Development, Deployment, Change Management/Training, and Maintenance support.

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