Fractional CTO


IllustoTech believes every organization, regardless of size, has a right to best of breed technology guidance to enable quality strategic and tactical decision making and project  implementation.  Many organizations do not need that function full time.

It is with this need in mind that IllustroTech has designed its fractional CTO program.   This program provides the benefits of having a full time CTO without the cost.

We've created a framework for the major aspects of organization technology management.  Using this framework and applying our Approach and Axioms, our CTO executes a brief discovery period to estimate the maturity of each of those aspects at the organization and understand the challenges and requirements unique to it.  In the course  of that discovery, the CTO often illuminate issues not previously seen or fully understood.  The CTO works with the organization to articulate a desired future state  and puts in place a quantified and qualified plan to advance the organization to the future state.

The framework calls for the Fractional CTO to be available to the organization for a defined number of hours per month to assist in implementation and be available to the organization for Q&A.  The CTO will perform quarterly updates and an annual audit to ensure progress is being made and is continuous.   If additional hours are needed for a particular implementation, those can be booked in advance as well.

With one low monthly payment, the Fractional CTO program enables any organization to achieve comfort in its technology strategy and execution.

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