The IllustroTech Implementation team is highly proficient in a collaborative,  iterative approach utilizing the latest planning and development methodologies to implement rigorous, scaleable solutions in many technology stacks.  We excel at complex strategic technology implementation and integration projects, especially where content, customer engagement and financial transactions (eCommerce sales and Donations) produce the highest return on investment.

Often our Implementation team's projects often feed in from our Consulting Projects and Security projects work.  In those divisions, typically, the Discovery and Definition steps are complete and the project is  ready either to have graphical design done, or go straight into implementation.  While we use the industry standard project steps detailed in below, it is IllustroTech's Collaborative Methodology to implementation that ensures projects we steward are completed as expected.


Industry Standard Artifacts

A key component of IllustroTech's methodology is that each aspect of the project is documented and delivered in clear, portable and industry-standard artifacts that can be used to carry the project forward by IllustroTech, the client's internal resources, or another vendor(s), as may best serve the client.

IllustroTech's Collaborative Methodology

With decades of project implementation experience, the team at IllustroTech has built systems with every major methodology and on most major technology stacks.  To appreciate why we've chosen a hybrid - combining the best elements of the classic Waterfall and currently popular Agile (iterative) approaches as shown in the image below, a basic understanding of the features and challenges of the methodologies is needed.

We'll use throwing a dart as an analogy.

In classic Waterfall development, the dart thrower would make sure to be perfectly aligned with the target and the target is clearly visualized.  The dart is thrown and flies directly into the bullseye.  The benefit of Waterfall is there is a clear plan which project management and development can execute.  Waterfall is challenged in real life by:

  • Writing all the documentation to be perfectly aligned with the target is time consuming and expensive.
  • The target is moving and by the time documentation is ready, and code written, the target has moved enough to require change.
  • Visualizing the whole target well before the throw is often hard.

Agile (or Iterative) attempts to address Waterfall's challenges.  It breaks up the implementation into several "Sprints," each of which has its own visible deliverables.  This enables the team to review the deliverables at each step, and adjust them.  In the dart methodology, this is the ability to nudge the dart as it flies to hit the bullseye.  Because the team is not trying to hit the target in one go, there is less pressure to get everything perfect before beginning the project, leading to a faster start.  Where Agile is challenged includes:

  • Often teams race past or delay critical steps in architecture and design that lead to higher costs later in the implementation.
  • Teams struggle to keep their focus on the bullseye, new/unexpected features are introduced and the project can be delayed.
  • The previous points make project cost estimation difficult.
IllustroTech Hybrid Implementation

IllustroTech's Collaborative Methodology takes the best of both Waterfall and Agile and provides:

  • Solid Architecture and Plan documentation adequate to ensure the bullseye is sufficiently visualized to accurately estimate the effort and cost of the project.
  • An iterative approach during development allowing for feature enhancement and change to be substituted in and out in a well understood fashion.
  • The ability to guide the project to the bullseye through the peaks and valleys experience by real-world systems implementations.

Leading Tools

IllustroTech conducts regular, vigilant review of its toolset to ensure the most efficient, comprehensive capabilities are in its practice.  Currently, our internal tools are Atlassian Confluence, JIRA and Bitbucket (Git).

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