IT Governance

24421193 - governance decision making good fair and consistent management of a corporate or global project consistent reliability

IT resources are expensive and scarce.  Making sure IT is working the right projects is crucial.  Governance ensures ongoing alignment of IT resources with strategic direction and business objectives. The business purpose is to achieve the maximum benefit and ROI from current and future investment and to manage the company’s risk in deployment and maintenance.


Prioritization Key

If your organization is growing, it will always have more work than IT can handle.  IT is always a constrained resource.  As such, it is critical that IT's work be prioritized and in alignment with business strategy, preferably though governance.

The most widely known governance process is budgeting.  Bringing that same rigor to the enterprise, especially and often IT, ensures accountability and alignment of key resources with strategic direction and business objectives.  Effective IT governance harmonizes decisions about the management and use of IT with desired behaviors and business objectives.  Carefully designed and implemented governance structures enable organization to achieve the maximum benefit and ROI from current and future investment and to manage the company’s risk in deployment and maintenance.  IllustroTech is expert at identifying the proper structure for and deploying IT governance.

Key aspects include:

  • Interview key executives, IT and business stakeholders to:
    • Understand strategy and business objectives
    • Develop priorities
    • Understand top risks
  • Define decision-making structures:
    • Executive management committee
    • IT leadership committee
    • And others as appropriate
  • Align processes:
    • Prioritization
    • IT project and resource tracking
    • Service-level agreements
    • Chargeback mechanisms
    • Business value assessment
    • And others as appropriate
  • Define communication protocols:
    • Executive announcements
    • IT Governance Office routine communications
  • Develop operational plan
    • Optimal committee structures and composition
    • Operational principles
      • Mission and scope
      • Decision rights
      • Routine agenda
    • Key processes
      • Toll gate: report and review
      • Exception handling
      • Risk mitigation
      • Communication

Deliverables include:

  • IT Governance Charter
  • Council Membership
  • IT Principles
  • What Gets Decided
  • What Doesn’t Get Decided
  • Proposed Decision Rights Matrix
  • Who Gets To Decide
  • Decision-Making Criteria
  • Key Processes Supporting IT Governance
  • IT Governance: Systemic View
  • Sample Process For Information Flow To Governance Council
  • Rules Of Engagement
  • Beta Phase
  • Beta Test Cases
  • Risks & Mitigation
  • Meeting Structure
  • IT Governance Roadmap

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