Product Marketing

product marketing

Product Marketing brings the best practices of the software and rapid-prototype product worlds into the realm of any product intended to delight and fulfill a customer's needs.  IllustroTech's certified product marketing specialists train and guide client teams in best-practice product marketing methodology.

The dramatic change in the media industry over the last decade has driven it closer to the software industry than traditional print.  Products and product interactions have a lifecycle; they are not created once, but rather are refined over time.  The methods for managing such product creation and roadmap processes are iterative and circular as the roles figure shows below.

  • Brand Owner:  Creative, Visionary, Market/Brand Aligned
  • Business Owner:  Funding, Inter-Product Balanace, P&L
  • Product Manager:  Requirements Gathering, Financial Analysis, Tech Savvy, Dev Priorities, ROI
  • Designer:  User Experience, Wireframe/Flow, Look & Feel
  • Project Manager:  Schedule, Resource Leveling, Risk Management, Details
  • Development:  Architecture, Technology, Implementation, Maintenance

We put into practical practice the Product Marketing framework certified by Pragmatic Marketing® and our consultants are Pragmatic Marketing certified.

The Pragmatic "4 P's" guide the iterative process:

  1. Problem - Product Management finds and quantifies the problem
  2. Product – Development solves the problem
  3. Promotion – Marcom communicates the solution
  4. Place – Sales helps people buy

They are built upon a platform of management by fact and support agile development.  Product management's primary functions are:

  • Document and explore product visions and ideas from brand aligned owners
  • Articulate that vision to development to determine optimal implementation opportunities and effort
  • Articulate that vision appropriately to the business owner to begin aligning the potential for ROI
  • Provide business case information for IT Governance as required
  • Articulate an approved project so it can be designed, implemented and tracked properly in an agile implementation environment
  • Determines and communicated priority of errata and feature enhancement to project management for ongoing product maintenance and market alignment.


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