System Design and Replatforming


IllustroTech's diverse group of technologists has, through decades of hand's-on experience, designed and replatformed systems in virtually every vertical.  Our best practices, iterative methodology yields consistent results for our clients.

Replatforming or doing new system design can be a significant burden on the internal IT team.  Having a consulting partner with the hours to devote to the rigor necessary to define, design and implement these transitions with all business stakeholders increases the probability of success.  IllustroTech takes a holistic approach to system design and replatform.  We see most projects being roughly 1/3 devoted each to people (training and change management), systems and data migration.

Data Migration

Rough estimate systems project effort.

(Yes, it had to add to 100% and the tool doesn't allow fractions... People are always the most important.)


We use an iterative, agile approach based in deep technology in service to the business principles.

We are happy to engage at any stage in the project and are often asked to realign derailed projects or those that were not well defined from the onset.  We support all industry standard steps in successful system projects including:

  • Business Requirements Gathering
    • Estimated/perceived impact/value for each requirement (ROI)
    • Stakeholder use cases
    • Pragmatic Marketing® Requirements, if desired
    • Risk mitigation and migration solutions
  • Technical Definition
    • System architecture block diagrams
    • System technical description and requirements
    • High level mapping of input and output
    • Storage plan
    • Web services capabilities
    • Back and front end implementation technology recommendations
  • Design
    • Workflow
    • User Experience including GUI Wireframes
    • API definitions
  • Implementation vendor identification, selection and negotiation
    • Definition/Implementation budget estimate
    • Large license/purchase items
    • Price and time ranges for design and implementation tasks
    • Estimated total prices to encompass maintenance and operation
  • Development
    • Agile, waterfall; in-house, outsource; mixed methodology and teams worldwide
    • Project (risk) management
    • Quality assurance (functional, data migration)
  • Deployment
    • Business training
    • Business processes surrounding systems

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